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Mr. Tankersley was born with an insatiable curiosity. He became embroiled in the day to day struggles to build a career in Engineering and provide for the needs of his family. Now the children are all grown and gone, he is retired and free to know for the sake of knowing and to explore those things that he dreamed of as a boy. In recognition of his heritage from his grandfather Tankersley, Tank has also become politically active and has volunteered to serve as the Harris County, Texas, Democratic Precinct 0678 Chair (2008-2010), Election Judge, Harris County, Texas, Grand Jury (served Feb-Apr, 2011), and to participate in a National Health Study conducted by Baylor University. Mr. Tankersley is also a Sustaining Member of the Harris County Democratic Party (2008 to present) and a Sustaining Member of the Spring Branch Democrats Club (2008 to present). The flames of curiosity still burns brightly. Tank fully supports the Energy Policy as presented in the 2008 Democratic Party Platform and provides the leadership to search for the cutting edge technology to provide Sustainability Engineered while striving to protect the environment and providing employment for the people of the United States of America.

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Mr. Roderick Whitfield has been named as Administrator and Mr Jessee McBroom as Assistant Administrator for CHTANK.ORG. Mr Charles Tankersley remains as Founder and Owner of CHTANK.ORG. The three gentlemen will continue to work together to sustain the Mission and purpose of CHTANK.ORG. Please feel free to contact any of the three with your comments or suggestions.

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Table of Content
  1. ON EDUCATION: "Clearly and beyond all doubt, the only purpose and reason for life is to learn. All living beings, plant or animal, that ever was, is, or ever will be throughout the universe must adapt or perish as with the dinosaur. Yet it is the fate of humanity, above all, to have the consciousness to understand and give reason to life."
    Thoughts by Charles H. Tankersley

    List of Links to Continued Education via Distance Learning

    • A Guide to Online Schools From K-12 to college, explore online learning modes, hear from experts, and read how Khan Academy and other free resources help students get ahead.

    • The Khan Academy is a must for all students from K through 12 and on through college. Anyone who is serious about his or her educations must keep the Khan Academy at fingertips for reference if for no other reason. Teachers will find the Khan Academy an outstanding tutorial and teaching tool. Parents will be able to use the lessons of the Khan Academy to help their children achieve in educations and for that matter, will find that the lessons will teach themselves as well.

    • Find A School: was created by Mike Viron while still a student in college. Mike a good friend of CHTANK and serves on the staff of DEEPSPACE. Here one can find an Internet link to all the Colleges and Universities of the world.

    • w3schools This is the most complete web page tutorial on the market. It is the "horses mouth", so to speak, from W3C, itself and it is free, too. If you want to learn HTML and all of it's extensions the right way, go to this school. It is worthwhile for even the experienced author. However, the Khan Academy has has a very good instructor led Tutorial.

    • The Open Course Ware Consortium is a growing list of many Schools, Colleges, and Universities which offer open (free or almost free) course ware. The educational opportunities are enormous. The site is extensive, so be sure to review it all for best results.

    • INDUSAPTI is a joint project of Vigyan Ashram, INDUSA Endowment fund by Dr's.Kishan & Kiran Bhatia and Lend-a-hand-India. Dr. Kishan Bhatia and his wife Dr. Kiran Bhatia have graciously allow this "hands-on" academy to be extended to the youth of the world.

    • Jimmy's Blog and his list, provides links to free Internet education sites, There is no excuse for not continuing an education regardless of one's background.

    • is a new addition to this site and is highly recommended, especially since the Governor of Texas and his Tea Party cronies in the Legislator have cut funding to the Texas public schools. There is no excuse for not giving our kids a proper education, be it in public schools, charter schools, private schools or home schooling.

    • MIT Open Courseware is especially important for those who wish to study the science and technology of today.

    • Johns Hopkins University, A brand new addition to Open Courseware. Here you can Find open public health courses and materials.

    • The EDGE is included here as a learning tool in philosophy. Although it is not affiliated with an College or University, it does represent the philosophic thinking of some of our best minds. One may not agree with their ideas but, regardless, it does open some avenues of understanding.

    • STARSHIPS: - An astronomy, astrophysics, and physics adventure:

    List of Links to Continued Education For Entrepreneurs and Inventors
    This list is added to provide for those who are engaged in helping with the Sustainability Engineering Projects proposed below in Section 3, "ECOLOGY: - Saving our earth". Mr. Tankersley is very grateful to Roderick Whitfield for providing these Links:

    This section will be fluid and may have elements that change often

    As the offspring of true American Pioneering stock, Mr. Tankersley was brought up with the ideal of neighbor helping neighbor. In Pioneer Oklahoma, after the land rush of 1889, each new land owner, including Mr. Tankersley's grandfather, helped his neighbor build his home, harvest his crops, and care for the children. No one person could do it alone. It is still that way today; it still takes a Village to raise a child. For the love of mankind it takes us all to contribute what cannot be bought with all the riches in the world. After all, aren't we still pioneers?
    Declaration of Purpose for Citizens of the United States of America: As we are facing a National crises caused by actions and inaction of the Administration and Legislature, this paraphrase of the Declaration of Independence is created to call for a change of the Administration and Legislature with the vote of the People. The Constitution of the United States creates the right of a peaceful and bloodless revolution by the people very two years. The revolt is powered by our VOTE!
    The purpose of life, the reason to exist, from birth to death, is to learn. We are here to learn of God's Truths in His works. We are here to learn to live in peace and in harmony with all of God's Creation. What better way to know God than to look for His Truth in His Work.
    The cornerstone for our Nation's future is our youth. In order for our youth to function as informed citizens requires a quality education which requires quality teachers. We must offer our teachers a living wage. Quality Teachers are needed to give children the education they should have in order to become well informed Citizens and the guardians of our great Nation's future.
    I shall enter into the gun discussion with my interpretation of the second amendment. I am not a lawyer, I am, however, a naturally born citizen of the United States of America who has served in the Untied States of America during time of war, who attended college on the GI Bill of Rights, who has voted in all national elections and most local elections, who has served on both civil juries and Grand Juries, and who is been active as a citizen for 85 years retiring from the Petrochemical Industry as a Principle Mechanical Designer from a major Engineering Corporation at age 65. I fell I have the right and authority to read, understand and intemperate the Articles of The Constitution of the United Sates of America as one who was and still is sworn to protect from all enemies, foreign of domestic. So, here is how I understand the Second Amendment of our Constitution:
    Drones & Robots are the Future. They are with us now! Our lives right now are becoming both complicated and complemented by drones and robots. Let's make this perfectly clear, a drone a type of flying robot that, in general, has a remote control operator. Generally speaking a robot is self contained and autonomous. We can and must take steps to control how the drones and robots are used. Already, the military is using both guided and autonomous drones and robots to hunt down and kill our enemies. Because the drones and robots function with new technology called Artificial Intelligence (Acronym AI) for the future, one question will be, who controls the drones and robots and who is the enemy to be killed or destroyed?
    The opinions presented in this article are those of Charles H.Tankersley and do not reflect any political or religious doctrine other than that of his own. Sex, sexuality, sexual preference, and marriage has been a major political, religious and social issue throughout history. Mr.Tankersley will attempt to examine the issue with an open, objective and factually mind and while attempting to keep the suggestiveness and emotional prejudices to a minimum.

  3. ECOLOGY: - Saving our earth:
    • SEProjects: What is Sustainability Engineering or Engineering for Sustainability?   The Center for Sustainable Engineering gives a complete description of Sustainability Engineering. This is the definition in a nutshell:    "Sustainable Engineering may be defined as engineering for human development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs (Bruntland Commission, 1987)."
      Sustainability Engineered Projects are a freely available voluntary effort to provide alternatives to the high cost fossil fuels that pollute the atmosphere, water, and earth, to fight global warming, and within the guidelines of the Center for Sustainable Engineering.

    • CHAPS-SEProjects Combined Heating And Power Systems - a Sustainability Project. Chaps is created and organized in the spirit and concept of Agro-Biogenics, Inc. under the laws and regulations of the United States of America to fulfill the needs of the people and communities for safe, economical, environmentally friendly, source of energy produced from non-food stuff biomass and waste organics normally deposited into sewers and landfills.

    • SEAR DIARY Sustainability Engineering Agriculture Research Diary - A private horticulture study for home grown plants for the production of substances which might aid in the relieving of malnutrition while providing for possible medical remedies, clean water, and biofuels.
      • The Sear2013 In the beginning He said,"Let there be light!" and there was light.
      • The Sear2014 If one learns from his mistakes then here must be a wiser man.
      • The Sear2015 A glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel and a new beginning is cause for hope.
      • The Sear2016 report. As with the year, so goes this study, from January through December. May it be of some help and, perhaps of so inspiration for Humanity.

    • DES-SEProject Distributed Energy Systems, Inc. - A commercial Corporation to lease/sell and provide maintenance for Renewable Energy Systems and equipment to communities and/or individual home owners.
    • MESS-SEProject My Earthbound Space Station - a Sustainability Engineered Project.

    • APIX-SEProject Agro-Polymer Industry Complex - a Sustainability Engineered Project. Apix is primary sustainability engineered function of Agro-Biogenic, Inc. to convert wastes into usable energy and products while protecting the food production and distribution systems of peoples of the undeveloped areas of the world.

    • HARP-SEProject Houston Area Recycling Proposal - a Sustainability Engineered Project.

    • PAL-SEProject Projects Avaluable for hands-on Learning - Sustainability Engineered Projects for hands-on experience with sustainability engineering for 4H Clubs, FFA, and school aged children everywhere.
      • FAT-SEProject Farming Algae Technology - Sustainability Engineering Project
      • ULTIMATE LAWNMOWER Build a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Lawnmower.
      • CHP A simple Combined Heat/Power unit for home heating and electric power.
      • SYNGAS Using steam Reformation to convert solid waste into fuel gases.
      • SUN OVEN: Concentrating the Sun's energy to bake a County Fair prize winning cake or fry up a chicken dinner with the sun.
      • SOLAR HOT WATER HEATER: Heat the water with the Sun for your next shower. Build an outdoor shower for washing off the salt after your next visit to the Galveston Beach.
      • SOLAR HYDROGEN: Use Solar Cells to make Hydrogen from water.
      • WIND TURBINE: An experimental design for creating a wind turbine to drive a oil hydraulic motor to power generator that is at grade level. The wind turbine will be designed as a "pusher" type mounted on the top of a 20 foot high ham radio tower at the back of our home.

  4. ALIEN REPORTS: - science FACTION (faction = to use as much up-to-date science and technology as is possible) novel in very early stages.


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