The cornerstone for our Nation's future is our youth. In order for our youth to function as informed citizens requires a quality education. In order for our children to receive a quality education require quality teachers teaching a comfortable, safe, secure atmosphere. How do we find quality teachers and a comfortable, safe, secure atmosphere? We pay for it! We offer our teachers a living wage from the beginning, enough to pay off their student loans, fine adequate living quarters, to prepare nourishing meals, obtain decent health care, procure clothing, and to provide for a family of their own as life advances. We repair and upgrade old schools and build new school with classrooms designed to prevent over crowding, properly air conditioned, which facilities to fuel a healthy body and mind, with well trained militia to project the inside, proper and acquaint supplies, and guards to stop any attacks from outside. If it means that taxes must be increased, then we must increase the taxes and not let greed stop us from giving our children the education they should have in order to become well informed Citizens and the guardians of our great Nation's future.
The question asked: "What Are Some Reasons Why Teachers Should Be Paid More?"
The Quick Answer: "The reasons for paying teachers more include the potential increase in teacher satisfaction, the attraction of higher-quality candidates to teaching positions, incentives for teachers to pursue continued higher education and the elimination of the need for teachers to obtain secondary jobs. Currently, the average starting teacher's salary in the United States is $39,000, according to the Washington Post."
This was copied from https://www.reference.com/business-finance/reasons-teachers-should-paid-b6ffe3d5f04c7402?aq=what+are+teachers+paid&qo=cdpArticles#
When dedicated students graduate from High School and enter college to become Teachers have hte resources to pay thier own way and must resort to obtaining student loans. but with an income of $39,000+/-, finding an acceptable living space, food, medical care, clothing, etc., is pushing their resources to the limit. But then, add to this is reaping their student loan, amounting to thousands of dollars with interest, is on top of that. It seems that the entry income for most out professions, the entry level for a BS degee is in the range of $60,000 to $80,000. HOw in the world can we ask our young people to actually be teachers? Let us pay them a proper living wage! The starting wage for teachers should be at least $60,000 per year and with corresponding incremental pay increases.
What every school district should provide for classroom limited to no more than 25 students, proper transportation to and from school, well trained security, well balanced lunches, aquanaut staffing at all levels, proper heating and cooling. and continuing maintenance of the whole facility. Education should always be a first priority of all local budgets, without exception. The future of our nation depends on it.