Drones & Robots are the Future
They are with us now!
In the very near future our lives will be complicated and complemented by robots. Let me make this perfectly clear, a drone are a type of robot that, in general, has a remote control operator. Generally speaking a robot is self contained and autonomous and self contained. We can do nothing to prevent this as robots are with us now. However, we can must take steps to control attempt to control we can control how the robots are used. Already, the military is using both guided and autonomous drones to hunt down and kill our enemies. For the future, one question will be, who controls the drones and robots and who is the enemy to be killed.
Consider this; if our Border Patrol and Immigration Officials were trained to use drones and robots, it would be far more effective and considerably less expensive than building a wall. The drones, armed with night vision and other sensors and with the right Artificial Intelligence (acronym AI) could spot drug and contraband carriers. They can also spot and identify refugees, too. The worrisome issue, however, would be how such would be used to watch over the civilian population. As long as it is simply observing the outdoors public areas, watching and reporting criminal activity only, no harm, only good. But if and when it is used to invade the natural private areas without a justifiable warrant, as this would be a serious violation of the Fourth Amendment. This, then, brings into light another issue, who and/or what will be the watchdog to supervise and control the operators and.or the receivers of this AI data.
Since there is continued increases in Artificial Intelligence, one of the latest example is the powerful facial recognition software being currently ue by law enforcement. This software is being installed into surveillance cameras which already patrolling our streets, parks, and public Assembly areas. The military is also using AI their autonomous Drones and even pilot-less fighter aircraft. And then, Self driving automobiles are in our immediate future, using AI. Many of our homes are using "smart" appliances, again with AI in place. It has been reported that "smart" TV can see and hear the viewer. It is clear that Artificial Intelligence must be addressed immediately as a top civil-Constitutional-political issue.
Since privately own drones are current and have been used by individuals to spy in the windows of their neighbors it takes little stretch of the imagination to see unscrupulous individuals using AI enhanced drones to do many illegal actions to invade the privacy of another home. This, then means that catching these persons will be quite difficult and when caught, the punishment needs to well beyond a slap on the wrist. for example, sex crimes often result in 20+ years imprisonment and the invasion of privacy in one's home, and especially the bedroom or bathroom is equal to the worst of any sex crime.
Finally, a good background for the discussion of the AI issues is available. The website: The EDGE ORGANIZATION has a couple of discussions. Murray_Shanahan "The Space Of Possible Minds" and Mary_Catherine_Bateson "How To Be A Systems Thinker", related to Artificial Intelligence, Drones, Robots and their use and morality issues. It would be wise for anyone contemplating legal or political action on the subject of Artificial Intelligence, drones, and robots take the time to see what the issues are all about. At this time, it seems the Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution is involved, as well as the Second Amendment if guns are in anyway involved, and the safety of individuals and the Nation as a whole is involved.