Charles H. Tankersley

A running diary of agricultural studies to assist in the cleaning up of man made pollutions, providing an accessible source of nutritious food, and source of renewable energy through agriculture.

Because of my age, I have put myself into voluntary retirement. I know, I am years over 80 years old and the new 50 is 70. I assume I missed out because it is clear that the new 80 is 80; period, no question asked and no prisoners taken.

I am the prodigy of an Oklahoma Boomer, and 89'er. My Dad was the youngest son. My Mom was the eldest child. All of this is on my Home or family website. The one thing that I must point out is that from the time I can recall until the time of my Dad's death at age 85, he always had a vegetable garden, aka, "Victory garden" in the back yard of every home we ever had. Fresh vegetables were always available to me and I, very much, enjoyed picking green beans to eat raw right off the vine. One of my favorites in the spring was asparagus shoots. I wish we could grow that plant here in Houston, Texas.

Because of my past heritage, because my wife has had a stroke and needs my close attention, because of my own age and health, I have resigned from all my outside work. I have given Roderick Whitefield and his deputy, Jessee McBroom, complete control of the domain. I have made my only work site but with HOME being my personal site. please understand that Continuing my Father's tradition I shall do what I can to grow food and ornamental plants on the little property at hand. As I do this, and with the universal needs for a clean environment, clean and lasting energy access, clean, potable water, and the need for a good education, I have created this diary of my agricultural attempts. I hope it might be useful now and later; after I have completed my tour of duty, been evaluated, and reassigned to my next duty station.

Here begins the diary, a project in continual flux, revision, and editing.
  • The Sear2013 In the beginning He said,"Let there be light!" and there was light.

  • The Sear2014 If one learns from his mistakes then here must be a wiser man.

  • The Sear2015 A glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel and a new beginning is cause for hope.

  • The Sear2016 report. As with the year, so goes this study, from January through December. May it be of some help and, perhaps of so inspiration for Humanity.